École Internationale de Multiréflexologie - de Dien Chan

Contacting the Dien Chan school

In order for us to respond to you in the best possible way, please write your question and proofread it before sending.
Indeed, your waiting time would be too long if we do not understand your request well.
Don't forget to introduce yourself (first name, last name, and even mobile phone number) to avoid duplicates in our database.

Contact: contact@multireflexology.com

Regarding treatments

If you want our proposal to be included in the next "Dien Chan questions answered" video, describe the condition in detail.
If you have already started a treatment and want to receive an opinion and advice, then tell us what you have already done.

You can already watch the many "Questions Answered" videos to inspire you: www.DienChan.tv.
When we think that the topic may be of general interest, we also write an article in the Dien Chan experts blog: www.DienChan.academy.

If you prefer, you can fill out this form: