Multireflexological thanks

This would not have been possible without them. Our special thanks to professor Bùi Quôc Châu, thanks for teaching us and for giving us the chance to spread your work. For his generous energy and because he was willing to share his extraordinary technique. To his children Bùi Minh Tri, Bùi Minh Tâm y Bùi Minh Luan for teaching us this Dien Chan treasure and for helping us with the treatment of a large number of patients during the courses. To Mercé Candó for her logisting help during the first years of the Multireflexology dissemination in Barcelona. To John Jairo Tobón for his psychological support, his patience, his good taste and his great cooking; the only one that Pr Châu wanted and could truly appreciate. To all the students that from 2002 trusted us. To the travel agency Panorama Viajes that helped us to organise the first trips to Vietnam. To Albert Bruna for his excellent advices on management and to Albert Molins for his moral and logistical support. To all the training team that has always shown sensitivity, honesty and integrity so we have been able to build an international strong team. To Vanessa Margo for modeling and make-up work as well as translation. To Rocio and Montse for modeling. To Martin Charest for his Canadian organisation. To Anne Hilarius-Ford for her precious help translating documents.

Creative thanks

Congratulations to Alex Perez-Sahuquillo for his support with DienShop™ and his lessons on Php so we could create the new international Dien Chan club. A million thanks to Felipe Tobón for the quality of his photos and his advice on marketing. Thanks to Quim García for his ideas on graphic design and layout. Many thanks to the people at printing house InterCrom in Barcelona for their excellent work with the Multireflexology book and brochures. Special thanks to Esther Solsona de la Serna for her advice and collaboration.

Hardware and software thanks

Hardware and software thanks To Regla de 3, Apple™ certified service, to AdobeSystems, FileMakerPro and Apple computer for letting us work comfortly. We strongly recommend you to buy un iPad if you really want to get advantages of our productions. Use GoogleChrome or Safari or even Firefox to search on the internet and forget about Windows and other lower quality tools such as Microsoft InternetExplorer. Why? Because it is old and out-of-time. It is not good for reading or studying. An iPad is what you need to use applications such as FACEASiT, the tool that better works for learning and using Dien Chan. Technical thanks to the SetFile team for their extraordinary work on FACEASiT and the advices of Nicolau Rabasseda, my FileMakerPro guru. To the advices in Githup on Css3, Html5, JQuery and JavaScript. Particularly to Mary Lou for her ideas on design that really work and which inspired me for our web. To Alen Grakalic for his Easy frente-end framework, Modernizr and Boilerplate for allowing us to use the reset bonus. To Lea Verou for her prefix-free.js that help me avoiding the multiple labels and to Patrik Larsson and Tiago Duarte for which generate the images base64. To Jorge Smith for the “Ease-plugins” that give movement to the menus. To Kevin Luck for his useful ScrollPane on iPad and Antorcha Aaron for the “MouseWheel”. To Jeff Harrell for his mini-cart Pay Pal in JavaScript that makes buying a simple and pleasant experience. Special thanks to Agnès Barough for her algorithms in FileMakerPro that helped me to join the formula of point and other more complex lists. To Google for its free web hostings and document processing.
I do not want to forget SomaFM, the best online radio to work with.

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